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Joy comes from discovery and working together!

Tactic offers children fun learning experiences through the new “Let’s Learn” range of learning games. The games and activities have been developed together with Finnish teachers, and they are manufactured from recycled cardboard in our own factory in Finland. The products are safe, durable, ecological and ethical. Children have an important role in our product development. “We offer children activities that match their age and development level. Our games offer children positive emotional experiences and joy, which encourage them to keep learning. Childhood forms the basis for life-long learning and a child’s idea of themselves as a learner,” says the new Let’s Learn product manager Lotta Jansén. Lotta has extensive experience from creating new learning products, in product development as well as a teacher.

Picking the right game for your child’s age and level is easy! The age marking on the cover makes it easy to find a present for a grandchild, for example. The QR code on the back cover of the game box accesses a game tutorial, and the videos can also be found on Tactic Games’ YouTube-channel.

The first games in the range have been received with great excitement across Europe. The Children of the World board game has already been awarded the first prize in the Polish Toy of the World competition, in the learning games and toys category. This is what people have to say about the game: “Even though all the people in the world are different, they are all equal. […] This game is the perfect introduction to curiousity and how to respect other cultures.”

Here are some comments our games have received:

  • Let’s Learn COLOURS & SHAPES, age 3+ “The colours and shapes are really clear.
  • Let’s Learn NUMBERS, age 4+ “Different levels. The kids really loved the game!
  • Let’s Learn LETTERS AND WORDS, age 4+ “It’s good that the game moves from easy to hard. The colours are bright!
  • Let’s Learn NATURE, age 4+ “The pictures on the back of the game boards are great.
  • My First Trivia Game, age 4+ “Fun questions!
  • Children of the World, age 5-10 “Our children want to play this again and again!
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