Tactic – ahead of the game.

The Finnish game powerhouse Tactic is famous for its inventive and high quality board games, enjoyed by millions around the world. Both beloved game classics and exciting novelties are made to withhold wear and tear. You can leave your troubles and worries at the game table, as well as bridge the generation gap between players. All our games come with a pinch of everyday magic!

Get to know Tactic

  1. Tactic is true to its roots. Our story began in Pori, Finland and so it continues. In the past fifty years, we have built the biggest board game factory in the Nordics and with it a vibrant board game competence cluster to the region.
  1. Tactic is a traditional family business. From the moment when Aarne Heljakka was making his first hit game in the garage, Tactic has been the pride and joy of the family. Today Markku Heljakka is leading the company as the Chairman of the Board, while his daughters Jemina steers marketing and Kati product development.
  1. Tactic is a citizen of the world. Finland is a great starting point for conquering the world. Owing to hard work, our products are now sold in more than 70 countries. For example, people play Mölkky all the way in Australia and Japan. French are so crazy about the game that Paris even has a Mölkky cocktail bar!
  1. Tactic is a pioneer of the industry. Long before Rovio and Supercell became world-famous, we were developing highly entertaining and engaging games in Pori. Did you know that Peter Versterbacka, the man behind Angry Birds, is also from Pori – a coincidence?
  1. Tactic is a strong market leader. We are the biggest game producer in the Nordics and a significant player in the toy industry. Our Pori factory ships more than five million board games every year all around the world. No wonder everyone knows that Santa Claus comes from Finland!
  1. Tactic name equals quality. We promise to offer the best possible collection of entertaining leisure games for players of all ages. The balance between luck and skill, as well as a great price-quality ratio, make a recipe for success that board game fans never get tired of.
  1. Tactic is an inventive developer. To match our beloved classic games, we choose the most intriguing new game ideas for production, keeping a close eye on global trends. We also embrace digital features, as tens of our games already have a mobile app.
  1. Tactic is the ecological choice. We manufacture all our games locally in Pori, Finland. This is good for the environment, as we know the origins of all our materials, utilise widely recyclable materials, and know the entire production chain.
  1. Tactic is more than games. We are also a notable publisher of children’s books, as well as a toy developer and distributor. Our own product lines include the magical Lumo Stars characters, inspired by the Nordic nature, which appear in books, soft toys and in their own mobile app.
  1. Tactic produces popular licensed games. In addition to our own game brands, we also produce and resale licensed versions of many of our hit games.