We make games from the heart.

The operating principles of Tactic have remained the same since day one. We still want to offer families and friends shared moments that turn into cherished memories. We continuously strive to produce vibrant Finnish game and toy products well into the future.

We make quality products with a big heart, just as if we would make them for our own families. Spending quality time with loved ones is more important than ever. That is why responsibility, as well as ethical and environmental thinking, are at the core of our production process. 

Finnish roots are important to us. We are proud that the vast majority of our products are made in Finland, and each board game in manufactured in Pori, Finland. We are a substantial employer and a key player in building competiveness in the region.  

Values lead the way


We want to spread happiness through games. Millions of families and friends around the world gather around our board games to spend quality time together.  


Games are best enjoyed with good company. Board games develop thinking, memory and strategic skills in both young and old – and keep them away from screens.


The main goal of our games is to entertain. We know that we have succeeded when our games are played time and time again, from one generation to the next.


The Finnish persistence ‘sisu’ and honesty guide our way when dealing with customers and partners. We play hard, but fair.


We are a responsible family business. Ecological thinking and sustainability are at the core of our products and the whole production chain.