The most ecological game producer in the Nordics.

Responsibility means concrete actions from the game factory to the game table. We are proud of our high Nordic quality standards, our specialist knowhow and our responsible stand on environmental issues.

Finnish design is made to endure both time and wear. This also applies to our games and toys. Our production utilises extensively recycled cardboard and plastic. All the way from the planning stage, our mission is to reduce the use of plastic wraps for example in packaging and card decks. Our own production ensures the traceability of all materials. We also monitor our carbon footprint closely, and we can guarantee fast and secure deliveries directly from our warehouse in Pori, Finland.

Our ethical principles entail a highly responsible take on the environment, production, technical quality, humanity and employment. We employ over 100 people, and as a responsible employer, we attend to the quality of our products as well as the working conditions. All our subcontractors and the whole supply chain commit to our uncompromising ethical principles. We are proud of the cooperation projects we carry out with local businesses. We are stronger together.

Naturally, our products also comply with all the requirements of toy legislation.

Made in Finland

The Finnish Key Flag Symbol invites you to think about your purchase decisions. A product made in Finland is an ethical, ecological and responsible choice. Our board games are designed by Finnish experts and manufactured at our own factory in Pori, Finland. Products made in Finland have far greater transparency than those made in cheap labour countries. Your choice matters – play fair with the Finn! 

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