Playing Mother Earth is good for the environment!

Mother Earth is an entertaining new trivia game centered around the health of our environment.

  • Mother Earth is a current trivia game full of engaging questions about preserving our precious planet. 
  • The game’s questions and research are done in cooperation with students from the University of Lapland. 
  • The game will be made in Tactic’s Pori factory sustainably and plastic-free. 
  • The gameplay is all about cooperation, just like preserving our planet. 
  • Playing Mother Earth is good for the environment – knowledge affects actions. 

The theme of the game 

Do you know what sustainable consumption is, and how to reduce the burden on the Earth? And would you like to learn how to help endangered animals and prevent biodiversity loss? The resources of Mother Earth are abundant but limited. The time has come for us to show gratitude and take good care of our environment. 

The aim of this educational trivia game is to increase awareness and to provide practical tips about sustainable choices and living in harmony with nature and the animal kingdom. The game approaches this challenging and complicated topic through positivity by encouraging and inspiring players. This trivia game also helps us understand the factors connected to decision-making concerning environmental issues – the things we as individuals can only have a limited impact on. 

The game is recommended for ages 8 and up. It is equally suitable for those environmentally aware and for those only starting to learn more about the topic. 

The four question categories are: 

  • Environmental agreements and laws 
  • Recycling and sustainable consumption 
  • Endangered species and biodiversity loss 
  • Environmental learning and skills 

Cooperation with the University of Lapland  

Mother Earth trivia game’s questions are created in collaboration with students from the University of Lapland’s Faculty of Education attending a course on gamified and playful learning during spring 2023. 

The course emphasizes sustainable education, and its aim is to both introduce the world of game design to the students and to provide them with the tools to build positive views of the future for children and youth. The course focuses on the themes of gamification, playfulness, and the future of Planet Earth. 

We at Tactic want to give the students real working life experience and expand their knowledge of traditional board game design and its potential societal influence. We can show them how big of an impact their work can really have. We also genuinely believe that the participation of students, their fresh views, and their creative ideas and backgrounds in pedagogy will result in current and engaging content as well as increased credibility and successful moments of collaboration. In addition, children and youth of comprehensive school age will also participate in the project, and their thoughts on the future will be utilized in the design of the game content. 

The course is designed and organized by university lecturers Marjaana Kangas (docent of gamified and playful learning) and Ulla Kemi (lecturer in sustainability and outdoor education). 

Game research expert Katriina Heljakka from Tactic will deliver the students a lecture on play and playfulness. 

A sustainable choice – made in Finland  

The Mother Earth game is made sustainably and plastic-free in the Tactic factory in Pori, Finland. 

Tactic’s games are made in Pori following environmentally friendly principles. We are proud of our Nordic quality criteria, our professional competence, and our responsible attitude towards environmental issues. 

Thanks to our domestic production, we know our entire chain of production, and we can guarantee the traceability of the raw materials we use. In our production, we frequently use, for example, European recycled cardboard and recyclable plastic. As early as the design stage, we are already putting in the effort to minimize material waste and to minimize the use of unnecessary plastic wrap in, for example, product packaging and card decks. The Mother Earth trivia game is a 100 percent plastic-free product. 

All products made in the Finland factory of Tactic Games Oy only use FSC® -certified paper, cardboard, and paperboard. You can find the FSC logo on our products, including board games, puzzles, books, and playing cards. Tactic Games Oy’s FSC license number is C171450. 

We are also committed to developing the monitoring and optimization of our carbon footprint. 

The Mother Earth trivia game was recognized as a green product at the world’s biggest toy fair, Spielwarenmesse in Germany in February 2023. 

Read more about our responsibility:



Mother Earth is not only an educational trivia game, it is all about cooperation – just like saving our precious planet! 

As the game starts, Mother Earth gives each player tasks they aim to complete during the game by giving the right answer to multiple choice questions – together, of course. Correct answers propel players closer to their shared goal, while wrong answers make completing the tasks harder than before. Special damage cards make playing the game a more strategic experience. 

In Mother Earth, the players win together once they have completed all of their tasks. The players also lose together if they take too much damage or if it becomes impossible for them to complete their tasks. 

The game features a beautiful rotating game board and 300 cards featuring imagery related to environmental topics. 


  • Rotating game board 
  • 300 cards: 
    • Questions 
    • Tasks 
    • Damage  
  • 24 answer discs 
  • 1 wooden game pawn 
  • 2 wooden dice 
  • Rules 

Ages: 8+  

Players: 2-6 

Estimated duration: 45 minutes 



Playing the Mother Earth game is good for the environment. Increasing environmental awareness is a powerful way of changing our attitudes and choices towards more sustainable ways. 

The Earth has given us a good life for such a long time, and now it is our turn to show our gratitude and take good care of Mother Earth. So, let’s start solving environmental challenges and walking towards a more sustainable future. 

We at Tactic are committed to building a more sustainable future. 

Let’s take the first step by playing a round of Mother Earth together! 

The game is launching in fall 2023. It will be translated into several different languages, and the game will be sold around the world by Tactic’s retailers. 


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