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Mölkky Original throwing game

Mölkky is the most popular outdoor game in Nordic countries. To win the game you must score 50 points exactly – go over 50 and your score will go down to 25. Mölkky is beautifully crafted with real birch tree wood. Designed and manufactured in Finland. To play Mölkky, all you need is an outdoor space, a few friends or a family, and a set of Mölkky pins. No physical strength is required. This is the original Mölkky and comes with sturdy wooden crate.

Plan your throw on every go in the outdoor game with a difference. Every skittle scores a little… But the more you score, the further apart the skittles get! Beautifully made in real wood, Molkky is a simple and hugely-popular family game. Set the skittles in place… Take aim and throw the pin: reach 50 points to win! Score OVER 50 and your total drops down to 25. Perfect for beaches, parks, picnics, playgrounds and gardens. 2+ players; age 6+.

Age 6+
Players 2+
Duration 30+
Difficulty 4
Skill 3
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