Welcome to the enchanting and playful world of Lumo Stars plush toys!

Lumo Stars plush toys are based on a children’s book called Northern Brights, written by Kati Heljakka in April 2017. The Lumo Stars collection includes incredibly cute plush toys of different size and shape. Each plush has its own name, name day and personality description. In addition to plush toys, the collection also includes collectible figurines, surprise eggs, bags, baby toys, games and activity books.

s story can also be found from a digital application. You can download the app from Google Play and App Store. Once you have downloaded the app, use it to scan the QR code on your plush toy and enjoy different activities. You can play games and dress up or take selfies with your plush toy. The app is free.

For more information about Lumo Stars plush toys please visit: www.lumostars.com, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The website is in English.

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  • Lumo Stars Dino T-Rex huge plush

  • Lumo Stars Dino Brontosaur big plush

  • Lumo Stars Dino Triceratops classic plush

  • Lumo Stars Dino T-Rex classic plush

  • Lumo Stars Dino T-Rex Baby classic plush

  • Lumo Stars Dino Plesiosaur classic plush

  • Lumo Stars Dino Brontosaur classic plush

  • Lumo Lynx Tundra big

  • Lumo House Tree

  • Lumo Stars Kwartet card game

  • Lumo Stars Kawaii Rainbow plush

  • Lumo Stars Kawaii Jamiel plush

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    Lumo Stars Kawaii Axolotl plush

  • New!

    Lumo Stars Kawaii Pineapple plush

  • Lumo Stars Dog Tessa classic plush

  • Lumo Stars Flying Squirrel Sammy classic plush

  • Lumo Stars Frog Saku classic plush

  • Lumo Stars Guinea Pig Masa classic plush

  • Lumo Stars Cow Helinä classic plush

  • Lumo Stars Bulldog Boss classic plush