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Tactic Save the Sea Octopus Frans plush

Help revive the beautiful waves of the sea by adopting your own Save the Sea plush toy!

Save the Sea REDUCE​ ​You are not alone with your choices! Each of us can make an impact and make more responsible choices. Today, many of us want to invest in sustainable development and choose more ecological products.​ ​ Save the Sea is a new age plush series with today´s values!​ ​ Let´s save the SEA, plush by plush!​ ​RECYCLE​ ​ This new series is made of plastic bottles collected from the sea. Both its contents and fabric are 100% recycled material. It takes about 4-7 bottles to make one piece of plush!  ​ ​ ​Save the Sea, a modern set of responsible plush toys with cute characters and an important message.​ REUSE​ Made from 100% recycled materials! 100% recyclable! The adorable sea animals are designed to be high quality and suitable for the hands of a small child.  ​ ​ ​And best of all, each character comes with an adoption certificate. In this way, the characters become even closer to the new owner!​

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