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Let’s Learn School Day

Let’s play school!

In this game, even the youngest players get to see what it might be like in school. The game contains task cards from seven different school subjects. One player acts as the teacher, while the rest are the pupils who write their answers on the wipeable boards. Collect one tile from each school subject before the clock arms point at three.

  • The school subjects and their content adhere to the Finnish curriculum.
  • Comes with great, wipeable drawing/writing boards and a great play clock!
  • The game components can also be used in normal play.

Lähetämme tilatut tuotteet varastoltamme viimeistään seuraavana arkipäivänä tilauksesta.

Toimituskulut 6,90e

Additional information

Age 5-9
Players 2-5
Difficulty 4
Skill 4
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