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Tactic Alias Junior board game

Junior Alias is a word explanation game included in our wide range of board games. Playing Junior Alias is a social and fun experience for the whole family.

Feel the excitement as you race against time! This game is so much fun, there’s no better way to expand your vocabulary!

Explain words and pictures to your teammates without actually saying the word that is being explained, but by using synonyms and opposites, hints, uttering sounds etc. instead. Children who can’t read can play this game too, as the pictures show the word to be explained. Each team tries to guess as many words as possible before the sand in the timer runs out. The game contains words and pictures familiar to children.

This game is made in Finland, at Tactic Games’ own responsible factory. Our own production ensures the traceability of all materials, and we were awarded the FSC certificate in 2021. We also monitor our carbon footprint closely.

Junior Alias board game features a game board and hundreds of word cards. In addition, game pawns, a sand timer, and the rules are included.

Age 5+
Players 4+
Duration 30+
Difficulty 3
Skill 3
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