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Choco, UK version

This memory game is more delicious than you might expect! Choco features 16 playing pieces that look like chocolate treats. When players turn the Choco playing pieces over, each piece shows either
a Peanut or Cherry on the bottom. Careful, don’t turn over the one piece that shows the Green Bug, he’s trying to eat all your chocolates! Each turn, players push the die popper, which indicates whether the player needs to find a peanut or a cherry playing piece during their turn. Choose your chocolate and turn it over. If it matches the die, it is yours. If a player turns over the green bug, they must put back one of their chocolate pieces and mix-up the playing pieces. Collect the most chocolate pieces to win.

This product has been discontinued.

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Toimituskulut 6,90e

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Age 3+
Players 2-4
Difficulty 1
Skill 7
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