NEW: Learn the game videos

Learn the game in 30 sec viceos!

Learning the rules of the game has never been so easy!

You will find the QR code and the text Learn the game in 30 sec on the back cover of several new 2020 games. By scanning the code, you can get familiar with the game idea – while you are shopping.

Learn by watching the videos!

Learn the game videos will make it easier and quicker to understand the game idea. Videos aren’t supposed to replace the rule books, but the details of the rule book are easier to internalize once you have already understood the basic idea.

Press pause and rewind if necessary.

Learn the game in 30 sec videos are initially in English. The visual story is easy to follow even if you don’t know the language.

More videos on our YouTube channel: Learn the game in 30 sec -playlist.


Finnish game and toy powerhouse Tactic Games purchases Plasto

The strong tradition of the Finnish toy industry continues as Tactic Games, the company from Pori known for its board games, outdoor games, and toys, announced today that it is purchasing the 70-year-old AB Plasto Oy, located in Åland. The acquisition combines two traditional players in the toy industry, whose deep roots in Finnish values further strengthen the future of Finnish toy production.

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Tactic conquers the world responsibly

Responsibility is a rising trend, but the Finnish game and toy company Tactic has committed to responsibility since the beginning. All Tactic products are not only entertaining but also sustainably produced. Tactic plans to continue investing in sustainable development and is ready to invest in newer, greener technology. Let’s take a peek at how the world’s most responsible game products are made at Tactic’s factory in Pori, Finland.

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Tactic is guided by family business values

Tactic is a family business from Pori, Finland, whose innovative and captivating board games are loved around the world. For half a century, Tactic’s factory in Pori has produced products that bring people together to enjoy shared moments. Let’s dive into the heart of the game factory to hear the thoughts of Tactic employees on being Finnish, responsibility, and the importance of games.

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