iKNOW was launched in Finland in October 2012 and it took over the rest of the world with the 18 different country editions and many other different iKNOW versions. 

iKNOW was a Game of the Year Finalist in Norway and a winner in Denmark 2013 and again a winner in Sweden 2014!  

The brand new iKNOW 2.0 celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the successful trivia game experience. It was a Finalist of the Game of the Year in Finland 2022. 


iKNOW brought back something that had been lost from the world of trivia games: style and fun. 

It combines knowledge, skill, luck and strategy in game mechanics that turned the idea of a traditional trivia game on its head. 

First you hear the question, then you can choose how much help you’d like to answer it. The three clues on each question make it possible for you to do well at this game by using tactics rather than having every single fact at your fingertips. 

Then you get to guess how everyone else will fare. Guessing the other player’ success is a unique feature that gives everyone a chance to score points and win. 

iKNOW gives everyone a chance to shine and strategize! The game mechanics makes this trivia game a first of its kind. It’s more than just a trivia game, and you don’t have to be a trivia buff to enjoy it! 

iKNOW is simply a clever game idea. It has:  

  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance 
  • A long lifespan and great variation in content play 
  • Entertaining and addictive game play 

And it is a truly social game experience! 

iKNOW is definitely worth getting to know. Explore the selection and find your favourite iKNOW! 

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